What Can I Do With Dried Coconut Milk Powder?

By: Dried Coconuts Filed Under: Uncategorized Posted: December 24, 2012

It is one thing to list the different products that come from dried coconut. It is yet another entirely different issue to know what to do with it. How is it stored? Where do you find it? What on earth do you DO with dried coconut milk powder?

My first surprise was to discover that dried coconut milk powder was not made from dried coconut. Say what? That is correct. It is coconut milk that is dried into a powder much the same way that we get dry milk.

So where does the coconut milk come from?

That is not what you get when you first open the coconut, as I thought it was. The nearly clear liquid that fills the coconut and drips out when you drain it is coconut water.  You don’t get coconut milk until you cut out the white flesh, which is called copra, and then grate it into tiny pieces. That is when you can press out the coconut milk. However, the first result is richer and it is actually called coconut cream. So, is it any wonder you are confused about dried coconut milk powder?

I like to drink coconut water, even when it is mixed with other beverages. It is very nutritious and flavorful to me. I totally love coconut cream and could easily eat too much of it! Moderation is always best with fresh fruits and nuts.  Now, I want to know if I have dried coconut milk powder that has been commercially prepared, what to do.

You want to keep it dry, the way you do flour or instant milk, until you are ready to use it. Believe it or not, you will probably want to reconstitute it, the way you do with instant milk.  Trust the package to have instructions for you. It is 65% coconut oil, which is packed with healthy fatty acids. Once you reconstitute it into wet- dried coconut milk, you can use it in a variety of recipes.

But don’t hurry. There are many ways you can use it right in the dry powder form. One is very much like confectioner’s sugar.  Use it as flavoring for puddings or ice cream. It does have the same kind of effect as cornstarch and alters how thick the end product is. Add a little dried coconut milk powder to one of your homemade smoothies for some extra protein and a special taste of the tropics. A little bit of research will show you an even wider variety of recipes for dried coconut milk powder. Have fun.

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