Nutritional Value of the Coconut Fruit

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Coconut plant is very old plant and has been liked by most of the Asian people due to its special fruit taste and aroma. It is used in cooking many sweet dishes and is present tin almost every kitchen all the times.

This plant mostly grows in the tropical areas and gives a good number of nut fruits. This plant grows straight and can reach the height of 100 feet and this plant has got the age of average 75-100 years.

Coconut is very versatile fruit for the people living in the tropical areas because it’s all parts are used for many purposes.

A normal nut has 400g flesh in it. The dried coconut has got advantage over the fresh coco meat because it can be used at any time and it can be stored for long time as well without any change in the taste. Its 50g kernel contains 152 calories. It contains a high ratio of the fat and the protein. It also contains many biochemical compounds that are having a big importance in the human health. The flesh of coconut also contains a high level of saturated fats that are very good for healthy living.

It also contains Lauric acid which is also a type of fatty acid which helps in regulating the flow of blood to the heart and gives strength to the heart. The water of the coconut is also used as a drink and it is very important to fight against the thirst. This juice contains sugar, minerals and enzymes. The kernel is also a main source of many important minerals. It is also a very important source of B complex vitamins.

The vitamins present in the coconut are very important for the development of the body. The coconut meat and the water also contain a very good amount of potassium. The enzymes present in the dried coconut help in the digestion and metabolism of the food. The flesh of the dried coconut contains a good amount of iron and zinc as well which are very useful in the toning of the skin.

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