So what is your favorite Dried Coconut Recipe?

By: Dried Coconuts Filed Under: Uncategorized Posted: January 10, 2013

Almost everyone has at least one favorite dried coconut recipe. Mine is coconut cream pie. My father loves macaroons and my brother loves pina colada. Though that pina colada might be made with something besides dried coconuts!

What is yours?  Why do you like it? Can you make it yourself?  To answer my own questions, I love coconut cream pie, of course, because it is so creamy and sweet and the toasted dried coconut flake.

I never made it myself. That surprises me. Maybe because I know I would want to sit down and eat it all at once! But most likely because I am notorious for making miserable pie crusts. Who wants to waste a wonderful coconut cream recipe on a poorly  made pie crust?

I know my father liked macaroons because of their soft texture and toasty coconut sweet flavor. Plus they were small and neat and fit easily into his lunch bag or pocket. As far as my brother goes, I think he just likes anything with coconut in it. He will drink an 8 ounce glass of coconut milk if I have it handy. Besides the other ingredients in the pina colada drink are favorites of his too.

Every year around the holidays we had a whole coconut as a celebration and my father was really good at teaching the tradition to my brother. The whole routine, how to clean the shell and the tools. How to hold the coconut and where exactly to strike it with the hammer and nail to get the best results with the least mess.

Last Christmas, in honor of that tradition, I gave my brother a can of coconut milk as a small gift. He was so pleased he actually smiled! (A rare event for him, the grinch.) I thought he would open it and share it with us. But he decided to take it back to his house and teach his grandkids about this fascinating family tradition. That means I really hit the spot when I picked up that can of coconut milk. It was not in the baking section, which surprised me. It was in the Latino foods section. Now that I think of it, there are coconut palm trees to the south of the border.  Coconut cookies are a favorite with many Mexican children because they are not too sweet, just right.

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