Procedure to Dry a Coconut

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Coconut palm is one of the most beautiful fruit plants. The coconut fruit is considered to be the drupe and it is not considered to be a true nut. This plant belongs to the family Arecaceae. This plant is mostly found in the coastal and sub coastal areas. This plant has got many uses and almost all the parts of this plant are used. The coconut fruit is different from all other fruits in the sense that it contains a large amount of water in it. Dried coconut fruit is known as copra.

Coconut fruit has got three layers. The shell contains the pores or the eyes. Dried coconut can be used easily when required. The dried coconut does not lose its quality so it can be used later whenever it is required. The dried coconut stores longer and fresh.

The dried coconut is easily available in the market but you can dry it yourself as well if you want. You have to follow the simple steps for doing all that. The first step is that you have to heat you oven to 350 degrees.  After that you have to drill the coconut through the eyes and pour the water in any dish or plate. The water can be used for drinking as well. The color of the water is also the indicator of the quality of the coconut. If it is colored then the nut is not in good condition. Now place the coconut one the grill of the pre heated oven for 20 minutes. After that you have to remove the nut from the oven and put it in the centre of a towel and fold its corners to make a sac like thing.

Avoid hitting the coconut shell with the hammer to break the hard shell. Now remove the flesh out of the coconut with the help of the knife and also remove any type of dust or hairs if the shell.  Next thing you have to do is to reduce the temperature of the oven up to 250 degrees and then place the coconut flesh in a grinder to make its powdery look. Spread the powdery form in a dish and place it in the oven. After that dry the coconut and place it in a safe place. It is ready for use now at any time.

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