Is Dried Coconut Organic?

By: Dried Coconuts Filed Under: Uncategorized Posted: December 29, 2012

Well, let’s clarify that a little about organic dried coconut. All living things are organic because they are carbon-based. That is what “organic” means to biologists, chemists, ecologists, etc. So from that definition, yes, all dried coconut is organic. However, there is another definition of “organic”.

When people talk about organic food they are talking about “certified organic” food products. Huh?

That means they have no pesticides or chemicals added to them before, during or after production. There are many organic certifying agencies in the world. Perhaps the most well known is USDA certified organic. USDA means United States Department of Agriculture. There are very strict guidelines which the grower must follow and document in order to meet the requirements of being a certified organic farmer/grower/rancher. That is one way to guarantee quality and sanitation.

For instance, the dried coconut you buy must have a documentation trail that includes the soil, the water and the processing facility, including the transportation to you, the buyer. Some folks call that trail from the Source to the Sale. There are other nicknames for the certification process, but essentially it means that farmer can track your dried coconut all the way back to the seed of the original tree that it came from. Wow. Look for the label USDA Certified on your package to see if your dried coconut is organic. That will mean it has no preservatives or other additives, it is simply dried coconut, and not sweetened.

That also means it is one more reason to eat and enjoy dried coconut. It is healthy and nutritious and if it is unsweetened and organic that makes it even better for your health.

Meanwhile I learned a few more things about how healthy dried coconut actually is. I cannot wait to share it with you. For one thing, dried coconut has a lot of fiber in it and that is a good thing. People who have diabetes can reap benefits from this characteristic. Let’s look at how that works. We already know that fiber slows the absorption of sugar in our bloodstream. And now we know dried coconut does that really well. Plus it lowers the glycemic level in your blood if you eat some with your meals. Some people report that it is as simple as mixing a tablespoon of dried coconut flakes or powder with your juice or in some part of your meal can be very effective and helping diabetics reduce their sugar levels and helps them maintain their blood sugar in a more normal range. Keep in mind these are personal reports, not scholarly research or scientific studies. But if you are a diabetic it might be worth a try. I like dried coconut and I am eating it to reduce my triglycerides. But I try to always eat organic dried coconut instead of the sweetened packages

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