Dry Coconut Recipes

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Yes, there are hundreds of dried coconut recipes for you to peruse. Stop when you start to drool and look at the details. Do you have all the ingredients? Do you have the time? Then do it. Try it.

Dried coconut comes from the white fleshy meat inside the coconut hull. It has its own natural sweetness, so you do not need to buy sweetened dried coconut flakes.  It comes in shredded, grated, flaked or powder form.

Usually you can find it in the bakery section of your supermarket.  If not, go to a natural food store and get certified organic dried coconut. 

Quite often people will lightly toast the dried coconut before using it in a recipe. It heightens the flavor and is easy to prepare. Spread it evenly on a baking sheet at 350F and watch it closely, turning now and then to get an even light brown color.

You can store it for a month or so in a tightly sealed container or even freeze it. If you freeze it the consistency might change a bit but it will still be good for about a year.

You will be surprised at the diversity of foods you can make using dried, or desiccated coconut, especially if you toasted it. Everything from desserts to chutney and also as toppings for nearly everything you can think of.

When I looked it up I found German Chocolate cake and realized I completely forgot it had coconut on it. I know my sister will enjoy the Curried Chickpea and summer vegetable stew. It includes basmati rice, chickpeas, curry, coconut, ginger, garlic, eggplant and a host of other seasonings.

I like the idea of putting dried coconut into my oatmeal and I even saw a delightful recipe for dried coconut pudding with mango.  Use your imagination.  Ask your friends what their favorites are.

Why not have a healthy and tasty dried coconut party and each of you bring a special treat. I can hardly wait to try the coconut and pineapple muffins that my neighbor plans to bring.

Really, the fact that it is high in protein, low in cholesterol, just slightly sweet, and packed with vitamins and minerals and enzymes to aid your digestion ought to be enough of a reason to dive into a dried coconut trial and error party. It is also gluten free, so it helps people who are diabetic maintain their sugar levels.

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